Beamer Supports PAWS RMHC

I'm fundraising for a PAWSitively great cause!

This July, my hooman and I are taking part in PAWS FOR SICK KIDS and making kids smile.


Why am I doing this? Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney gives seriously ill children the best gift of all – their families. The House is a warm and supportive home-away-from-home for families of children travelling to Randwick for treatment at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.


The challenge will be tough for my hooman, but it’s nothing compared to what these brave kids face every day of their lives and their families.

Kids should be living life, NOT fighting for it.


So my hooman and I are doing the Easy Pawsy challenge to make sick kids smile. 

Follow us on Instagram @beamer_in_the_city by 13th July so you can see us post our attempts at greatness and to draw your awareness to this Pawesome cause!


Please support me by making a donation through my fundraising page.


All funds raised will support Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney to continue their work in supporting sick kids and their families by providing a home away from home.

Thank you hoomans for your support in making kids smile.

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My Updates

Day 7 of the Challenge Completed!

Tuesday 21st Jul
Well it was a PAWsome last day to the 7 days of challenges! Not only did I get to eat LOTS of yummy treats, but we also smashed our raised goal of $1150 and made it up to $1194!

Special thanks goes to Kathy P and Ann C for helping us get the rest of the way to our goal and beyond! 

For everyone that is starting their challenges this week and the coming weeks in August, HAVE FUN! 

Day 6 of the Challenge Completed!

Monday 20th Jul
I often get asked if I am a horse, so why would it be out of the realm for me to have wings and fly? Clearly I have the face for it and purple really is my color! Haha

Today's shout out and thank you goes to Carmen, who helped us with another $32 towards our goal! 

Day 5 of the Challenge Completed!

Sunday 19th Jul
Well, it seems that my less than impressive athletic skills in a kiddie pool did make kids smile for my Day 5 Challenge! haha. In my defense, I was a puppy and had not mastered coordination skills yet...

On to the next challenge! 

Day 4 of the Challenge Completed!

Saturday 18th Jul
Are we already half way there? In case you missed it, I went a little Rose in Titanic for my cuddle photo...but clearly it worked because yesterday's total made another positive gain with $52 more raised for PAWS for Sick Kids!

Special thanks goes to Mike and his pup who interrupts conference calls almost as much as I do! We will be heard!

Day 3 of the Challenge Completed!

Friday 17th Jul
Well Day 3 was not really a challenge for me (sorry not sorry). I am mainly a 'house accessory' as opposed to a 'house helper' so I did what I do best - I supervised the bed making and then I checked their work. Like my post says, they got a 10 out of 10 and I will let them make the bed again!

Also, super thank you goes to Jenny and the Horzen family to donating and getting us to a total of $950! Thank you soooo much!

Day 2 of the Challenge Completed!

Thursday 16th Jul
Okay so we have some pros and some cons on our Day 2 Challenge execution. 

Pros - We have now raised $898! Thank you so much to my Best Furiends - Chris, Kmd, Andre, Hassan, Maria, and Tony! Also, I think the folks on Instagram really appreciated my gentlemanly behaviour by letting my Fur Mama lead our dance. 

Cons - If you watch the video closely, we were RUDELY interrupted by my sister. This is why we can't have nice things...

Day 1 of the Challenge Completed!

Wednesday 15th Jul
It's official! My fur mama and I completed our Day 1 Selfie challenge and finished the day with $352 raised towards our goal! 

Special thanks goes to my pawsome sponsors - Vicki, Kim, Alexis, Jason, Emily, and Carolyn who made this happen.

What's Day 2 going to be like? Well I think it will be double the trouble but double the fundraising too! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Christopher Whitfield

Hold me closer, tiny (dog) dancer!



Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay


Kathy Pittens

love you Beamer and Suzette


Vicki Fuller

Beamer, I hope you include your sister in your challenge so!


Ann Chookaszian

Beamer (and momma) - thank you for everything you're doing to bring smiles to the precious kiddos!


Jenny Horzen

Love this! Good luck to you Beamer and to all your furiends!


Michael Satlak


Emily Little


Adam Enright


Jason Hamm

Good Luck to you and your hooman!


Andre De Vera


Buster & Kim Fitzhenry

Buster wishes you and our hoomans all the best for the walk!


Hassan & Maria


The Carr Family (but Mainly Kaitlin)

Your pups are so SNAZZY!


Suzette Burger


Carmen Fernandez


Anthony Alonso


Carolyn Crosby