This July, my family and I are taking part in PAWS FOR SICK KIDS and giving sick kids the best medicine of all…laughter.

RMHC Sydney is more than a place to sleep for families…

It costs RMHC Sydney $160 per night to support each family staying at the House. In the traditional sense of the word, a night would simply refer to a roof over someone's head for the night, but at RMHC Sydney, a night means so much more for the families.

A night for families means:

  • They have a network of families, staff and volunteers in the House that understand what they are going through
  • A quick 5-minute walk to the hospital when you need it
  • A kitchen full of food and home-made meals cooked for them 3 times per week
  • Access to our Family Rooms when staying on ward
  • Access to in-house education support by qualified teachers and 40 hours of free tuition when the patient returns home
  • It’s free to families staying at RMHC Sydney so they can focus on their sick child

So my family and I are taking on the 7-day personality challenge and raise funds to support sick kids and their families.

Please support me by making a donation today.

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Darby's Story

Sunday 27th Jun

Hi, I’m Darby and I’m nearly 8 years old. You can see I’m a Labrador and that means I love Food, walks, cuddles, food, swimming, getting lost following smells, playtime with anyone and did I mention food? live with my family of 5 humans. There’s Mum and Dad and I have 2 human brothers and 1 sister. They all love me and I get lots of cuddle time, back scratches (which I love) and we go on lots of walks. I LOVE the beach and chasing sticks into the water.   

Most days I get up at about 5.30am and make groaning noises at the back door until my Mum or Dad come out. They really like it when I do that! I’m pretty lucky as usually, I then get to go on a walk. We go to the parks which have heaps of smells and I love it. I get so excited sometimes I can’t help myself and run around in a circle!  Other days I am just let in the back of the house and get to snooze by the heater for an hour while my dad checks his emails...mornings are so great!  

I like to pretend I’m tough and act like the boss dog when I see others around on my walks. The other day we started a game of chase and turned the wrong way and hurt my knee. It really hurt and I couldn’t walk on it. I had to go to the vet hospital to see what was wrong with it. Turns out I hurt my cruciate ligament and needed to have reconstruction. I heard them saying it and thought that meant I needed to have new type of food...so wasn’t happy when I went back and they shaved my back leg and gave me an operation. I had heaps of stitches put in my leg and I couldn’t wait for them to take the bandages off. As soon as they did, I saw the stiches and thought they would taste good...and I managed to eat one of them before they saw me chewing it! I was in trouble! Then they put this bucket thingy on my head which made me feel really weird. How embarrassing! I couldn’t walk without smashing into the walls and door frames...and I couldn’t even reach my food in the bowl. Luckily, they took it off me at dinner time and I managed to eat.  

The best part about recovering from surgery was I got to spend a lot of time inside...and I even got to sleep inside...for the whole night! I've had even more cuddles than normal and my little brother especially spent lots of time curled up with me on my mattress mat and we would watch movies together. I especially liked watching a dog’s purpose, a dog's life and my absolute favourite TV show at the moment is MasterChef.....those meals look so good! 

My rehab is taking some time, and I had to start walking slowly for only 5-10 minutes a day. I’m now back to walking twice a day for 20 minutes each time and my leg is getting stronger. Apparently, Im needing to lose a little bit of weight. Who would have thought a Labrador would need to eat less food and lose weight right? I love a bit of left overs with my food, especially Spaghetti bolognaise and casserole. But I eat so fast that I actually cannot really taste anything and it all pretty much tastes like chicken. So, to help me, Mum and Dad have been giving me new treats with my smaller sized dinner. They are orange and they feel good on my teeth. Apparently, they are called carrots. I could eat a thousand but I only get 1 or 2 each day. I must try and find out where they hide them. 

am getting back to normal and am excited to be a part of Paws for Sick kids. But while my paws are still healing, I thought I would also use my other super powerI love lying around sleeping. I can go to sleep anywhere in a matter of minutes. But I’m told I am the loudest snorer in my house. So, for the next few weeks my family will take some photos and movies of me either having some fun on a walk or letting rip with my chainsaw snoring and post them for your entertainment. And if you feel like donating some much-needed money for a great cause, I promise to share a carrot with you. Woof! 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Therese And Paul Anthony

We love ❤️ Darby


Scott Wilson

Go Darby! Keep those Hughes humans in line - especially that one that likes mullets....


Hagglund Fam

Go Darby - we love you have inherited story telling talent from your human family .


Peter And Nicole Hughes


Trudi Crews

Love ya Darby


Kurt Anthony


Simone Payn

Your the best Darby ❤️


Paula Dearsley

Hey Darby Enjoy your carrots, you get rid of your spectacles now!


Vicki Castro


Zoey Evans

Loved reading your story Darby. You’re a lucky dog to have such a wonderful family who love and look after you and I’m a lucky dog to have you as my friend 💞


Rod Manning

Enjoy those early morning walks with dad Darby


Sue Roja

Looking good Darby


Nikki Hiskins

Good work Queen Darby!


Leisa Mowbray

Good Luck Darby!


Mark Evans


Jo Maaka

Go Darby!! 🐾


Paul Jones