This is Yvette, I am Kat! My hooman and I are taking part in PAWS FOR SICK KIDS and giving sick kids the best medicine of all…laughter.

RMHC Sydney is more than a place to sleep for families…

It costs RMHC Sydney $160 per night to support each family staying at the House. In the traditional sense of the word, a night would simply refer to a roof over someone's head for the night, but at RMHC Sydney, a night means so much more for the families.

A night for families means:

  • They have a network of families, staff and volunteers in the House that understand what they are going through
  • A quick 5-minute walk to the hospital when you need it
  • A kitchen full of food and home-made meals cooked for them 3 times per week
  • Access to our Family Rooms when staying on ward
  • Access to in-house education support by qualified teachers and 40 hours of free tuition when the patient returns home
  • It’s free to families staying at RMHC Sydney so they can focus on their sick child

So my hooman and I are taking on the 7-day personality challenge and raise funds to support sick kids and their families.

Please support me by making a donation today.

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Kat in lockdown

Monday 28th Jun
Well, I have to admit, my hooman being home, due to something they call 'covid lockdown' is proving to be a challenge! I can't get up to all my normal tricks that I do when she's at work and I feel like she's monitoring my every move! She wants cuddles, constantly pats me and she seems to be saying the word 'no' a lot! I don't like that word so I choose to ignore her in the hope that she will go away... so far proving very unsuccessful!

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To sick kids and happy pets.. In memory of Jessica and Mr Bingley. Xx



Isn't all this money for buying🐟?


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