About the Pet's Personality Challenge

It’s all about sharing your pet’s personality. We want pets from all walks of life to join in and showcase their talent (even if its sleeping) and show pets are standing with our sick kids and their families.

All you need to do is complete the following 7 personality challenges during challenge week or choose your own challenge.

You have the weeks leading up to the challenge week to practice and then, during our challenge week (19 - 25 July) post your best pawtempts!

Don't forget to use our hashtag #pawsforsickkids so our kids in the House can follow your journey!

Lazy Pet Personality

Have a lazy pet that likes to lie in the sun all day or just hang around in its pen not doing too much? Then this challenge is for you. We can’t wait to see all the funny snaps and videos of your pet living their best life!

Social Media Mad Personality

Perhaps your pet loves the pupper-razzi life? Get to snapping, tik toking or sharing a story and make our sick kids smile with your best pawtemp.

Purrfect Memes Personality

This one give you the change to get a bit creative and is your opportunity to turn your fur ball into a hilarious meme. Wilbur already has a few ideas up his sleeve and has his hoomans furriously working on a few winners. Make us go Ermahgerd and share your memes with us.

Cheeky Personality

Is your pet always getting into things they should not? Perhaps they helped bring in some dirt to freshen up the place or made sure all your rubbish was on the floor, where it belonged. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! We think this one will really make the kids roll over in balls of laughter.

Active Personality

Do 4.30am wake ups sound like heaven to you? Perhaps you’re cathletic? (Wilbur doesn't get it either) but we hear from my frens that some of you like to run, do obstacle courses and just make the rest of the pets look bad. So hey, maybe you join your hooman in yoga, or enjoy a good dance break. Get moving with your hooman and show us your best moves!

Spoilt Rotten Personality

Where are the Kings and Queens at? Perhaps your pet pushes people off the furniture, perhaps they have their own cubby house or get ALL the treats! Show us just how spoilt your pet is and have some fun along the way.

Brainiac Personality

Your pet knows they are a good boy or girl and they love showing it off at any chance. Tricks are no joke with your pet, they are honed in and ready to rock.

Perhaps they like doing several tricks in quick succession, or can complete an obstacle course with their eyes (almost) closed. Show us just how clever your pet really is and let our kids be the judge!


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